While Spray Foam is the best option for insulating your home, some people choose to go with a cheaper option and use batt insulation. Batt insulation is used in conjunction with a vapour barrier, to prevent drafts and air leaks from affecting your home. At Spray Foam Masters, we can provide you with quality batt insulation installation done professionally.

What is fibreglass batt insulation?

Fiberglass consists of a fine glass-like thread that makes sure that provides thermal resistance and keeps your home temperature balanced. The insulation is installed in pads, that are placed in between your studs, trusses, and joists, and then covered with a plastic vapour barrier to make it effective. The vapour barrier is a key component of the insulation system and should be done by a professional to ensure your house is properly insulated, to ensure you have no leaks and drafts flowing in and out of your house.

At Spray Foam Masters, we have the best team of insulators, having years of experience installing batt insulation and vapour barrier.

We recommend you to choose our special team as no work is too small for us. Although it can also be installed by yourself, here are some of the safety tips:

It is made of very fine glass fibre so wear some gloves and long sleeve shirts if you will be working around it. Also, try to moisturize your face or neck area to prevent abrasion from the batts. Wear a mask so you do not accidentally inhale it. For cutting off it, just use the simple knife and cut it straight. Don't try to grab it with your bare hands, as the small fibre will leave you itchy and will be overall just unpleasant to handle.


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